3 Ways To Showcase Your Love Of Travel In Your Home Decor

Most people want their home to really represent them. So if you have a love of travel, incorporating this in the design and decor of your home can help the space feel more like you. However, showing off your travels and your love of the world isn’t always easy if you don’t already have an eye for design and a sense of home decor style.

To help you figure out how to best set up your home with this in mind, here are three ways to showcase your love of travel in your home decor. 

Show Off Your Own Travel Photos

One of the best ways to remember all of the experiences you’ve had during your travels is to take pictures. So if you have some great pictures from some of your travels, you might want to consider finding some ways that you can show off these photos as part of your home decor.

For smaller photos, you can create a feature wall with picture frames and swap out the photos as you desire. You can also just place framed pictures around the home on the walls or other flat surfaces. For larger photos that you’ve taken and love, you could look into printing them on canvas or other mediums so that they can draw more of the attention of the room and become a true focal point. 

Make Use Of Maps

Using maps as part of your home decor can also be a great way to remember some of the places that you’ve visited and keep track of the destinations that you’ve not yet made it to. Maps for decoration can also be a great way to bring up your travels to people visiting your home so that you can share your experiences with them.

If you want your maps to be more personalized, you could consider getting maps of the exact places that you’ve been or doing something to the maps you have to show that you’ve explored certain areas. You can also use maps in all kinds of ways, from wallpaper to linens to being displayed as photos. 

Choose Your Souvenirs Wisely

Another way you can show off your love of travel and keep the places that you’ve been to close to your heart is to be wise about the souvenirs that you choose to purchase when you visit a new place. 

You might find that the best souvenirs are the ones that you can use in your daily life, not ones that just sit on a shelf or need to be pulled out to be admired. If you’re able to find souvenirs that you can use on a daily or regular basis, you’ll find that you’re always reminded of the places you love and can easily share these souvenirs with those who come to visit you. 

If you want to show off your love for travel with your home decor, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you in doing this.