3 unique things to do in Manchester

The city that is known as the ‘capital of the north’ has also become famous for its diverse culture, successful musicians and established football clubs, which have enabled it to become the city it is today. If you have not yet found the time to visit Manchester and are planning to do so, you’re in for a treat. In this northern city, you will find a wide range of things to do, which will guarantee to leave you with a great lasting impression.

If you’re only visiting Manchester for the weekend, you should take a look at the following activities to make sure you make the most of your time in this northern city.

Witness some of the West End’s best

Whether you’re a regular theatre-goer or have never entered one in your life, you should consider taking a trip to the Lowry. Here you can watch some of the latest West End shows, as well as local productions which will offer you a unique and exciting experience that could be the highlight of your trip.

Surrounding The Lowry, there is an abundance of real-estate, which includes multiple restaurants, bars and apartments. This includes RW Invest developments like Bridgewater Wharf, which are a stone’s throw away from The Lowry. These developments are continuing to grow, making the Salford Quays area one of the most upcoming neighbourhoods in Manchester. This improvement will attract even more high-end productions which may even convince you to make a return trip to see the latest shows, restaurants and bars.

Seek out a hidden speakeasy

If you’re planning a night out in Manchester, it won’t be complete unless you take a trip to one of the hideaway bars dotted around the city. To start off, you should book a booth at The Washhouse. From the outside, this bar may appear like a simple laundrette, but once you enter the secret doorway, you will yourself in a mad men-esque bar that has plenty to offer. If this is up your street, you should make sure you book in advance as it only seats a small number of people and is extremely popular.

Another great bar off the beaten track comes from the brains behind the ever-popular Almost Famous, who have recently opened ‘Convenience Store’. From the outside, it may appear like they’re just selling typical corner shop goods, however, inside you can find much more. This place prides itself on its wacky cocktails as well as an abundance of snacks like pop tarts, peanut butter cups and more which are guaranteed to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Indulge at independent eateries

Plenty of foodies flock to Manchester to eat at some of the best eateries in the north-west. In Manchester, there is something for everyone. Whether you want to enjoy a high-end meal at Australasia or want to grab some trendy street food at Mackie Mayor, the choice is yours.

In Manchester, some of the best places to eat are at independent restaurants, where you can find authentic and fresh produce that is guaranteed to hit the spot. These food spots are spread out across the city, however, you can find some great places in Manchester’s expansive China Town, which includes Siam Smile and Yuzu. These popular spots offer a wide selection of Asian cuisine that is designed to make your mouth water

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