3 Tips For Dealing With A Car Accident While Traveling

While there’s never a good time to get in a car accident, what can make being in a motor vehicle accident even worse is if it happens while you’re traveling or on vacation. In this type of situation, you’re likely far from home and not familiar with the people or places around you, which can make getting help and continuing on with your trip a challenge.

If you ever find yourself in a car accident while you’re on a trip away from home, here are three tips for dealing with this situation while traveling. 

Follow Basic Protocol First

Before all else, you’ll still want to follow all the basic protocol for being in a car accident, regardless of where the accident takes place. 

To do this, Travelers.com advises that you do things like get yourself to a safe place and move your vehicle out of the flow of traffic if necessary and possible, notify the police of the accident, exchange information with anyone else involved, and document everything that you can about the situation. After you’ve done this, you may also need to deal with getting medical attention or dealing with the police, depending on the scenario surrounding your accident. If you’re not sure where to go or what to do, the police can help you handle this part of the aftermath of your accident. 

Handle The Administrative Side

After you’ve dealt with the shock and trauma of your accident, you then need to handle the administrative side of your car accident. And when you’re traveling, this part of being in an accident can be a bit more complicated.

According to Kayda Norman, a contributor to NerdWallet.com, part of the administrative side of being in a car accident is deciding whether or not to file a claim. If you were driving your own car, you might choose to just continue on with your trip and not file a claim with your own insurance if damage was minimal. But if you were driving a rental car, you’ll have to contact the rental company and your insurance company to make sure you’re covered from a legal perspective. 

Figure Out The Rest Of Your Travel Plans

Once everything with your accident has been sorted through, you then have to figure out how you’ll handle the rest of your travel plans. 

In some situations, PureTravel.com shares that you may have to find a new form of transportation, which can throw a wrench in your plans. But if you’re able to get back on track and avoid sustaining any injuries, you should be able to finish out your trip. 

If you travel frequently, keep in mind the tips mentioned above in the event that you are ever to get in a car accident during your trip.