3 Tips For A Life-Changing Gap Year

The gap year is considered a quintessential student experience, and while many youngsters will take the chance to travel before heading off to university, others will take their new degree out on the open road before settling into life at home.

But for those later in life, taking a week out of your busy lifestyle for a holiday is hard enough, and a whole year to travel may seem like a mere pipedream. Giving up the life you know to see the world may seem impossible with your current commitments.

But a gap year could be the fresh start that changes the rest of your life – take the leap, and you’ll never be afraid to live your dreams again. Here are just three tips for having the perfect gap year wherever – and whenever – you go.

1. Learn a new language

A second language is an invaluable skill to have. It’s one that will open doors for you, personally and professionally, throughout your life.

And it’s a skill that will truly enrich your travel experience. It will help you find your way around, settle into jobs, make new friends and make the most of your journey.

It’s often said that when it comes to languages, travel is the only way to achieve true fluency, but there’s no need to wait if you’re dying to kick-start your polyglottal initiation. Resources like Duolingo are totally free and perfect for building vocabulary and can be a great way to get started

2. Get a qualification

If your gap year isn’t a pre- or post-university venture, it can still be an integral part of your study journey.

For those later in life, returning to education can be daunting, and studying while travelling seems a huge and incompatible commitment.

But with distance learning on the rise, education is more flexible than ever and many students are rejecting traditional universities in favour of more accommodating alternatives, particularly since many campus universities are currently relying on remote teaching due to the current crisis.

ARU Distance Learning are leading experts in the field of remote education and their courses are designed to suit every lifestyle no matter how busy.

3. Say yes to everything

When you step out on your adventure, you’re sure to take with you a list of must-see locations and unmissable activities.

And while it’s great to have a plan, remember that the most memorable experiences tend to be those that aren’t planned ahead. The opportunities that appear out of nowhere are the ones that really take your breath away.

Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and seize these moments with both hands. Allow yourself to be inspired by the people around you – yes, that means making new friends too – and don’t hold back from the chance to try new things. Travel should broaden your horizons – let it do just that.

No matter where you go, rest assured that the gap year experience isn’t just for students – you too can have a life-changing adventure with these three tips.

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