3 Things To Do If You Get Into A Car Accident While Traveling Through Heavy Traffic

Getting into a car accident is never a pleasant experience. But a few things that can make it even more miserable is if it happens while you’re traveling away from home or while you’re stuck in heavy traffic. Luckily, with a little knowledge and patience, you can safely get out of this situation and back on the road to finish your travels. To show you how to do this and help you navigate your way through this traffic jam, here are three things to do if you get into a car accident while traveling through heavy traffic.

Try To Move Your Vehicle To The Side Of The Road

If the accident you’ve been in is relatively minor, it’s going to be safest for you to try to move your car to the side of the road. By doing this, DriversEd.com shares that you’ll be both protecting yourself and the other people on the road from even more danger. Hopefully those driving around you will see that you’ve been in an accident and will give you the space you need to move to the side of the road. To safely do this, turn on your hazard lights and try to move safely and slowly until you’re as far off the road as you can safely get your vehicle.

Know When To Not Move Your Vehicle

In some instances, it’s not going to be safe or a good idea for you to try to move your car until the police or other emergency responders arrive. According to The Globe and Mail, you won’t want to try to move your car if anyone involved in the car accident was seriously hurt or if you think the accident was caused by impaired driving. In these cases, you’ll either want to or need to wait for the police to come. Once the right authorities are there, they’ll be able to help you with any injuries or determine whether any additional tickets need to be given out for impaired driving. By not moving your car, you’re preserving the crime scene and protecting those who may be too injured to move just yet.

Stay In Your Vehicle Until Help Arrives

When you determine that you aren’t going to be moving your vehicle out of the flow of traffic, Gary Richards, a contributor to Mercury News, shares that the safest thing you can do is stay buckled up in your vehicle. Many people try to get out of their car to either inspect the damage or speak to the other drivers involved. But unless you’re in immediate danger by staying in your car, it’s going to be much safer for you to stay out of the road and wait until help comes to clear the scene.

The next time you’re traveling through a congested area and get into a car accident, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you and all those around you stay as safe as possible. Following this event.

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