3 key things to remember when paddle boarding

Trying to paddle board is a fine art. As the fastest growing water sport in the UK, paddle boards have become ever more popular amongst the population. Becoming more commonly known compared to a decade ago when many didn’t know what a paddle board was let alone how to use it, it is now a great option to get out and explore on the water. Especially since the COVID pandemic, with the increase in popularity in domestic holidays and many great places to visit in the UK, paddle boards have become a great alternative hobby in the summer (unless you fancy a cold dip in the winter!).

Now with outlets specialising in different water sports including paddle boards, there is a great choice out there whether you are looking to get started or are looking for a higher end paddle board to meet your needs. On top of paddle boards, there are plenty of places to get started if you want to have a lesson (highly advised) to get a flavour of different paddle boards and the sport in general.

From the simplicity of trying to stay upright and getting a feel for paddle boarding, this blog will look into 3 things to remember when paddle boarding. This is suitable for any level of paddle boarder, from beginner to expert. It can be overwhelming when you are new to any sport and even when you have reached a high level, there are still new things to learn, but luckily this blog is here to help so keep on reading to find out more!

  • Try not to fall off!

No matter how hard you try, you will fall off even if you are a self proclaimed professional. Paddle boards are a very good test of your balance and can be very difficult at the beginning. The best way to fall off is away from the board and flat against the water to suffer the least damage (and embarrassment, although I’m sure you won’t be alone!) and be safe. When getting back on the board, the best way is while treading water alongside your board, grab the carry handle with one hand and pull yourself up until you can reach the opposite rail. Then kick hard and pull yourself on. Paddle boards can be difficult to navigate but with these tips hopefully it makes it a bit easier!

  • Be careful

Whilst paddle boards, it must be remembered that being on the water comes with its dangers. The best advice for a beginner is to have a lesson to gain an understanding for the basics, and this goes for any paddle boarders out there is to use them in groups. Anything from a pair to a larger group, paddle boards can soon become dangerous if you take a wrong turn. There are plenty of guides out there who can help you along if you are exploring a new area or looking to gain some lessons in how to use paddle boards and what is the best one for you.

  • Find the right board for you

Once you have got the basics, there is the question of finding in amongst all the paddle boards, which one is the right one for you. As previously stated, AquaPlanet has a great range of choice when it comes to paddle boards. The leisure range of paddle boards are accessible, fun, light, tough and great value without compromising quality. Whilst the sports and premium range meet the needs for the more experienced user of paddle boards.

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