3 Aussie Locations You Have to Visit

Australia is absolutely packed with amazing must-see tourist destinations. Everybody has heard about places like the Sydney Opera House or the Great Barrier Reef, but how about some places that are a little less touristy? Well, this huge land of ours has some of the most amazing places to visit on the planet. The abundance of natural beauty in Australia is incredible if you know where to look.

The scary thing is, there’s probably a whole heap of amazing places in Australia that nobody has ever seen, such is the often wild terrain we live in. But for tourist destinations that stick a bit more to the beaten track, we’ve come up with 3 locations you just have to check out. If you’ve got a bucket list, you might just need to add these incredible destinations to it.

The Snowy Mountains, New South Wales

Australia is all about big things. From the big pineapple to the big penguin, we have an odd fascination with oversized objects. But how about the most beautiful naturally formed big things in the country? The Snowy Mountains are Australia’s highest mountain range, and the area is full of awesome things to do.

It’s a beautiful, picturesque setting and a bit of rock climbing or bushwalking will give you some absolutely stunning views. You can also satisfy your need for adventure with activities like mountain biking, caving or even fishing.

Of course, these mountains don’t get their name for nothing, because in June the peaks are capped with rich, white snow. Australia has a reputation as a permanently sunny, warm environment, but places like the Snowy Mountains give you the chance to say you’ve actually gone skiing in Australia!

The Murray River

While we’re talking about the biggest things in Australia, let’s not forget to amazing Murray River. Starting at the Australian Alps and flowing into the ocean at the bottom of South Australia, it’s Australia’s longest inland waterway. Best of all, there’s a way you can see it all in absolute luxury.

Experiencing a Murray River cruise is something you’ll never forget, as you take in the beautiful landscape along the banks of the Murray. Full of wildlife and iconic Australian flora, people who enjoy natural beauty will be completely taken in by these cruises.

Cruises start either in Adelaide, South Australia or near Echuca in Victoria. You’ve got plenty of choices too, from one night to a seven-night getaway. You’ll also find three types of unique boats so you can have your pick of different travel styles.

Lake Bumbunga, South Australia

This hidden gem actually has two parts, because it’s not just the beautiful Lake Bumbunga you can visit. Firstly though, we need to mention how amazing this salt lake actually is. Depending on the time of year you visit, Lake Bumbunga’s colour can shift from white through to blue, and even pink! This is due to the saline levels in the water, so if you want to see something truly unique, this is definitely for you.

Best of all, it’s located only about 200km from Adelaide, and not much further down the road is the Clare Valley wine region. So for those with a taste for fine wines and food, you can visit both of these gems at the same time!