10 Of The Best Travel Gadgets For 2020

We know that when you’re travelling if there’s a gadget out there that can make life easier, it’s worth investing in. To take the hard work out of it, MyBaggage.com has put together a comprehensive list of 10 of the best travel gadgets for 2020.

Solar power charger

This is the ideal gadget for any traveller who is backpacking or undertaking a long journey and won’t know when they will have access to a plug or mains supply. The charger offers a renewable energy source, so you can charge your phone, laptop and camera on the go. There are a variety of brands available, with some having up to 3 USB charging points and others being lightweight, foldable and waterproof. You won’t need to have access to hot sun for the charger to charge, all you need is daylight, so it can even be used in cold countries.

Universal travel adaptor

No matter what country you go to, it’s important to ensure that you have an option for charging your devices. Having a universal travel adapter will ensure that you can always top up your battery on the go, whatever your destination. Many also come with USB ports, perfect for charging your laptop, camera or phone. There are a variety of brands out there catering towards holidaymakers and backpackers with Epicka & Newvanga having the best overall reviews.

Noise-cancelling headphones

If you’ve ever been stuck on a noisy train or bus whilst backpacking, then this will be the best thing to invest in for your next trip. Noise-cancelling headphones let you have some well-needed peace and quiet. You’ll no longer have to endure the crying baby in the row in front of the pesky teenagers blaring gangster rap at the back of the bus. Just pop them on and switch off. Some of the best models on the market are the Bose Noise-Cancelling Headphones or Beats Studio3 Noise Cancelling Headphones but make sure you go to sites like Sound Manual who know all about audio and headphones that will be perfect for your travels. .

Waterproof phone case

The last thing you need whilst on holiday is for your phone to become water damaged. This could happen for a variety of reasons, such as getting caught out in monsoon rain or accidentally dropping your phone in the pool… we’ve unfortunately all been there. Luckily it’s easy to find a mobile iphone repair specialist who can fix this for you if this does happen. But there is also a new solution that may be able to help prevent water damage in the first place and it comes in the form of a waterproof phone case. The case may at times seem bulky, but it works much better than a ziplock bag. Not only will you be reassured that your phone won’t get damaged but you can also enjoy getting some under the water snaps without worrying.

Crenova clip-on phone lenses

These lenses are ideal for anyone looking to get the best snaps for Instagram. They clip onto your smartphone and offer an exceptional resolution, allowing you to take high-quality photos without the need for a bulky DSLR camera. The set includes a 128 wide-angle lens & 20x macro lens. To get started all you must do is download the app and clip the lenses onto your smartphone and you’re good to go! It’ll hopefully get you some much-needed likes for your page, but if not, you can always check out the best site to buy Instagram likes so you are making an impression online with your snaps.

GoPro Hero

GoPro cameras are perfect for taking high-quality snaps without having to use a bulky traditional camera. Small and compact, these cameras are also incredibly durable, they are waterproof and sturdy enough to use to record extreme sports such as deep-sea diving or rally driving. You can record video, take traditional photos, all with the touch of a button. By taking a GoPro you will be saving valuable space in your backpack. There are a few varieties of GoPro Hero, with the most recent being GoPro Hero 8, which has a starting price at 379.99.

Anti-theft backpack

The last thing you want to happen when you are on holiday is to be robbed. The anti-theft backpack helps prevent theft by having anti-slash fabric and locking compartments. Many also come with an RFID blocking compartment, which stops thieves from using your contactless card function. A popular brand is Pacsafe, whose bags always have slash-proof material, straps and body panels, which stops thieves cutting into your bag and emptying its contents.

LifeStraw water filter

The LifeStraw water filter is a popular water purifier that filters out waterborne diseases and harmful bacteria from untreated water. It’s ideal for use on the go when accessing tap water which is unclean and is perfect for hikers who need to drink straight from a river. It’s also handy to have for any backpacker, as the cost of bottled water adds up and has an impact on the environment. With this filter, you will never be stranded for a drink and will be able to drink unclean tap water from any destination. But that’s not all, LifeStraw also has a give-back programme, which works to ensure people around the world have access to safe drinking water.

Solar power lights

If you are going to be backpacking, camping or hiking, having a solar power light will make a real difference. Choose from a headlamp, torch or even a night light. What’s more, without having to worry about bringing extra batteries, you will have extra space in your bag and one less thing to remember! Just remember to check the charging instructions and to make sure the item gets plenty of natural daylight so it will remain charged at night.

Portable espresso machine

This one is for coffee lovers out there who are determined to get a good coffee, no matter where they are! To use all you need to do is to fill the filter basket with ground coffee, add boiling water and push slowly on the pump until the freshly filtered coffee comes out. Perfect for a morning brew just before you go trekking, exploring or travelling overland. The Wacaco Portable Espresso Machine is a firm favourite that is convenient to use and compact enough to take on long haul trips.

Mobile Wi-Fi router

A portable mobile WiFi router can be a game-changer when you are trying to connect online on the road. An unlocked mobile router will allow you to access a variety of Wi-Fi networks on the go, this will save you from splurging on your internet data. Before purchasing double check which frequencies, the router will support, as every country will have its own. To get the router to work, simply put a sim card in it from the country you are visiting, this will then allow you to access the internet across a variety of channels, including your mobile and laptop. The Huawei 4G Mobile Wi-Fi Router is a popular choice amongst travellers as the battery life runs up to 12 hours. Ideal for when you are stuck on a long-haul journey and desperately need to download a movie to get through it.